MonitorInfoView 1.05

MonitorInfoView 1.05: displays essential information about your monitor. MonitorInfoView is a small utility that displays essential information about your monitor: manufacture week/year, monitor manufacturer, monitor model, supported display modes, and more... The information is extracted from the EDID ("Extended display identification data") records stored on your computer. You can also view the monitor information of multiple computers on your network, if you login to these computers with administrator rights.

Total Server Monitor 1.01: Total Server Monitor will monitor your server availability. You can rely on it
Total Server Monitor 1.01

Total Server Monitor will monitor your server availability. You can rely on it.Use it to automatically monitor all aspects of your server and network and be informed in case of a failure (i.e. machine not responding to HTTP, POP3, FTP). Total Server Monitor will also correct the problem (restart service/machine, send an email or execute http url, etc.). Download your copy of Total Server Monitor now for free and see that it works well indeed.

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ShadowIMSniffer 4.01

Safety Lab Professional Business Version ICQ/MSN Monitor-Sniffer. ICQ/MSN Monitor-Sniffer is a handy network utility to capture and log/monitor ICQ/MSN Instant Messages from computers within the same LAN. ICQ/MSN Monitor Sniffer supports messaging through ICQ/MSN server with formats of plain text,RTF or HTML. All intercepted messages are well organized by ICQ/MSN user with buddies and shown instantly on main window.

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Appnimi Website Monitor 1.0: Appnimi Website Monitor is simple tool to monitor websites
Appnimi Website Monitor 1.0

Appnimi Website Monitor is simple tool to help you to monitor the status of your websites. Appnimi Website Monitor checks your website after ery interval which you set whether it is up or not. You get notified in your status bar every time website monitor does a round of check on your website

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S.O.S.Automation 1.01

Baby - Medical monitor and alarm system. Implemented in software for a home PC. constantly monitor the surroundings and call you upon emergency. This is extremely useful for infants and dependent. Calls you automatically upon an alarm event. Upon an alarm event it enables you to monitor the PC surrounding in real time, (sometimes also talking back to the monitored target), and if you have an internet connection, also video monitoring.

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Presentation Aide 2.02: It can provide different display content between computer and projector monitor
Presentation Aide 2.02

monitors(in generally, most fashionable Notebook computer can support two monitors). When you give a lecture or make a speech with computer and projector, Presentation Aide will greatly help you. The second monitor can mirror the first monitor synchronously , but, without something such as Presentation paper window and a Memorandum window. So, you can see something prepared in the first monitor, but audience can not see them in the second monitor

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WebMonit 1.5: Powerful and easy web pages monitor!
WebMonit 1.5

monitor web pages changes automatically. Monitor content could be the whole webpage or a part of webpage or just a field. A user defined event could be triggered when change occurred. WebMonit is a powerful and easiest-to-use web pages monitor tool available for Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003. Its key features are listed below: 1. Monitor all kinds of pages: html, asp, jsp, php, etc... 2. Select any part of a web page for monitoring 3. Monitor interval

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